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Here are my entries for Round 7 at ladies20in20. I iconed Christina Aguilera.

So, I want to say thank you...Collapse )
This is my entry for round 6 at ladies20in20. I iconed Ashlee Simpson-Wentz

I didn't steal your boyfriend.Collapse )

Please comment and credit if taking. No hotlinking. Enjoy!
This is my entry for Round 10 at icons20in20. I chose to icon the TV Show Gossip Girl.

Boy, you're dangerous...Collapse )
This is my entry for Round 5 at [info]ladies20in20. I iconed Angelina Jolie.

Let me reintroduce myself, as a man with a cause.Collapse )
Here are my entries for round 22 at [info]celeb20in20 . I iconed Ashlee Simpson-Wentz.

You make me wanna la la...Collapse )

-Comment and credit if taking.
-No hotlinking.
Here are my icon entries for round 21 @ celeb20in20. I iconed Leighton Meester

Just one night couldn't be so wrong.Collapse )

36 Icons featuring Ashlee Simpson, Gerard Way, Rihanna, and Taylor Kitsch

As Always:
-Comment and credit.
-No hotlinking.


No Regrets...Collapse )

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Here are my entries for round 1 at [info]free20in20

If You Seek AmyCollapse )

These are 100 music icons for [info]all_music_icons

[20] Ashlee Simpson
[20] Christina Aguilera
[20] Britney Spears
[20] Rihanna
[20] Taylor Swift

Je t'aime...Collapse )