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Here are my icon entries for round 21 @ celeb20in20. I iconed Leighton Meester



artist's choice 1artist's choice 2artist's choice 3artist's choice 4artist's choice 5

As always:
-Comment and credit if taking.
-No hotlinking.
love the multiple one.
Thanks! :D
nice artist choices and ohh lala @ transport.
Thanks for the kind words.

When I read the theme "transport" the limo scene jumped into my mind.
beautiful icons! i really love your AC ones.
Aww, thanks. I had fun making those.
Wow these are great! Your AC set is great, and I love DIY, hold and multiple.
Thanks much for the kind words.

I love the Gap photoshoot...one of my faves.
Evil and Stock are both fantastic. And I really love the cropping in AC#1!
Thanks. That's really kind.
Wow, that was fast! :)
I love the image you chose for DIY and famous and I also love multiple and selective color!
Great job! :D
Thanks. There are so many great images of Leighton and GG, it was hard to choose.
Nice job :D AC icons and stock are the best :)
Thank you!
awesome. my favs are multiple and stock
Thanks. I'm glad you like 'em.
Very nice! I really like the AC ones!
Thanks a ton!
Wow!! Lovely icons!!! I really adore the Multiple one! Fab job!
Thanks so much!
Ooh, very pretty.
Thank you.
Mm. Leighton. Creative job on Multiple. I love all the AC's. :)
Thanks! :D
Your multiple and SC are gorgeous. Well done!
Wow, thank you.
So pretty, stock is kinda awesome.
I really like what you've done with stock!
Beautiful icons :) I love SC, evil and stock most.